Studer open reel tape machines in Studio BStudio B is the lab used for multi-stream digitization of audio on cassette and open reel tape where preservation of the informational content and the cost of preservation are critical factors. The lab is equipped to capture 16 channels of audio using a pair of DAWs fed by four Studer open-reel tape decks and four cassette desks. In order to maintain four operational machines at all times, a large inventory of equipment is maintained to swap in and out as maintenance or repair is needed. The lab houses one of the largest inventories of Studer open reel machines on the West Coast. 

Open reel playback (4 simultaneous captures)

  • Studer A807 machines with a variety of head configurations (9)
  • Studer A810 full track
  • Studer A810 2 track

Cassette Playback (4 simultaneous captures)

  • Marantz PMD 502 cassette players (9)
  • Marantz PMD 510 and PMD 511 cassette players (2)

Analog to Digital Converter (2)

Digital Audio Workstations (2)

  • PC Based workstation
  • Lynx AES16e Digital I/O
  • Wavelab software


  • Mackie HR624mk2 stereo pair
  • AKG Headphones
  • Mackie Big Knob monitor controller
  • Sonifex RB-HD2 Headphone amplifier

Signal flow

  • Switchcraft patchbay


  • Furman IT 1210/20 Isolation Transformers (2)