Digitizing technician working at the Studio A transfer workstationStudio A is the lab for single- and double-stream digitization of discs, cylinders, open reel tape, and other formats where the operator must make listening-based decisions on stylus size, azimuth, or other factors for maximum fidelity. The lab is equipped with dual DAW's for higher efficiency with certain formats, such as 78rpm discs.

Disc Playback (2)

  • Technics SL-1015/SP-15, Technics EPA 501h tonearm, Shure M44 cartridge
  • Timestep T-03EQA+ archival preamplier/equalizer
  • Expert Stylus coarse groove styli

Analog to Digital Converter

Digital Audio Workstations (2)

  • PC Based workstation
  • Lynx AES16e Digital I/O
  • Wavelab software

Cylinder Playback

  • CPS1 #2 with Soundsmith flat preamp and custom Soundsmith cartridges for 2 and 4 minute cylinders, and standard, salon and concert mandrels
  • Archeophone #4 with complete mandrel set, Shure M44 cartridges and Expert styli for 2 and 4 minute cylinders, upgraded with internal Soundsmith balanced flat preamp

Archeopone and CPS1 cylinder playback eqiupment

Open Reel

  • Studer A80 RC 2 track
  • DBX 150x and Dolby 363 SR/A noise reduction


  • CEDAR DCX Declicker
  • CEDAR CRX Decrackler
  • CEDAR DHX Dehisser
  • CEDAR BRX+ Debuzzer
  • CEDAR AZX+ Azimuth corrector
  • Packburn 323A Audio Noise Suppressor
  • SAE 5000 Impulse Noise Reduction


  • PMC TBS-AII stereo pair
  • AKG Headphones
  • Coleman Audio M3PHMKIII monitor controller
  • Dorrough 1200 metering and stereo signal test set

Pitch source

  • Casio CTK-4200 electric keyboard


  • Furman IT-1210 Isolation Transformer (2)

Signal flow

  • Switchcraft patchbays
  • Sonifex ADDA and RB-SP1 splitter

Additional Playback Equipment

  • Sony PCM R500 DAT
  • Tascam MD-CD1MKIII Minidisc/CD player
  • Tascam Portastudio 424mkIII (4 track cassette)
  • Teac A3340S 4-track open reel
  • Sony TC-WR901ES (cassette with Dolby S decoding)
  • Wide selection of Stanton, Shure, and Expert Stylus cartridges and styli