Postwar Attitudes and Optimism

An exhibition in the Department of Special Collections
May 1 - June 30, 2000


Vogue Picture Record


A selection of Vogue picture records from the Todd collection is on display in the Department of Special Collections during May and June, 2000. Approximately seventy-four titles were produced by Sav-Way Industries of Detroit, Michigan from May 1946 through August 1947 which are highly prized by collectors for their colorful designs. Images from 12 discs are reproduced here. All of the library’s Vogue Picture Records are cataloged in UCSB Library Search, the Library’s online catalog. 


Exhibition Statement



Popular and Dance Band Music

Marion Mann, R731
Marion Mann, R758
Art Kassel and his orchestra R734
Art Kassel and his orchestra R771
Don Large Chorus R710
Lulu Belle and Scotty R719
Clyde McCoy and his orchestra R722



Charlie Shavers Quintet R755
Charlie Shavers Quintet R756


Latin Music

Enric Madriguera and his orchestra


Country Music

Kenny Roberts/The Downhomers R736
Patsy Montana R736


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