September 9 - October 31, 2010


This exhibit in Special Collections displays highlights from book and manuscript collections acquired during the past year. Exhibit includes:

Exhibit poster

Books from the Alfred and Carol Schmitz Collection (Mss 267)

Ward Ritchie Collection (SC 1079)

Stanley Sheinbaum Collection (Mss 217)

Mail art from the Judith A. Hoffberg Collection (Printers Mss 62)

Joel Conway / Early California Aviation Photograph Collection (SBHC Mss 79)

Chinese in America Collection (Wyles Mss 174)

Recent acquisitions in the University Archives

Frank K. Kelly Oral History (OH Mss 123)

Robert Potter Oral History

Leland Wong Papers (CEMA 124)

Shizue Seigel Papers (CEMA 126) 

Flo Wong Papers (CEMA 123)

Roberto Eyzaguirre Collection (CEMA 121)

Zinc discs from the Berliner Disc Collection (PA Mss 79)

Cylinders from the Edouard Pecourt Collection (PA Mss 78)