Ethnic California: Parallel Histories and Alternative Voices

Exhibit Assignment Questions


The Chumash

1. What factors were behind the Chumash Revolt of 1824?
2. What factors led to the decimation of the local Chumash population?


Early California

3. How early did the colonization of Alta California actually take place?
4. Did California ever have a black governor?
5. What era characterized the largest migration of American blacks prior to the Civil War?
6. Who were some of the black cowboys?


Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

7. What was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
8. Were there any intentions by the U.S. government to acquire California, even prior to the War with Mexico?
9. Who were some of the Congressmen who in 1847 argued against the War with Mexico, and what were some of the things they were saying in opposition?
10. What were some of the Treaty’s main provisions? What meaning does the Treaty have for contemporary Chicanos?


Gold Rush Era

11. How did the Foreign Miners Tax of 1851 impact the Spanish-speaking people in California?
12. Why did the hero bandits such as Joaquin Murieta arise in this state?
13. Who was "Josefa" (also known as Juanita) and how did her case relate to the vigilantism of the Gold Rush era?


Asian Americans

14. Southeast Asian refugees arrived in large numbers beginning in 1975 as a result of what factors?
15. Before World War II, why was it difficult for Chinese American women to get jobs outside Chinatown?
16. What factors prompted large numbers of Chinese to immigrate to California between 1848-1851?
17. What steps did many Hmong immigrants take before their arrival in the U.S.?
18. How did the Chinese immigrants in Santa Barbara contribute to the area’s economy in the late 19th and early 20th century?


World War II

19. What was the outcome of federal Executive Order 9066?
20. What was the central issue involving the Sleepy Lagoon case of 1943?


Contemporary Protests

21. What was the National Chicano Moratorium?
22. What were some of the major events that led to the founding of the UCSB Chicano Studies department and research center?
23. What was Bert Corona noted for?
24. What were Cesar Chavez’ central principles behind his leadership of "La Causa"?
25. What did the 16 black students demand when they took over the UCSB Computer Center in 1965? What were some of the concrete results of their actions?
26. Did survey research show any significant socio-economic difference between rioters and non-rioters involved in the Watts Riot of 1965?