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3D Printing

Laser Cutting




Non-Powered Hand Tools

Powered Hand Tools


3D Printing

Prusa MK4 3D Printers

3D Printer

The Prusa MK4 is a Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) style 3D Printer. This means that it creates 3D objects by extruding plastic filament layer by layer until it gets to the finished form.


3Doodler Flow Pens

3Doodler Pen in use

These pens allow you to extrude plastic just as a 3D printer does. Instead of the computer file telling the extruder where to deposit filament, it is controlled by you! This gives you the ability to draw in 3D, join 3D printed parts together, and learn the fundamentals of how 3D printing works before moving on to our CNC controlled 3D printers.


Laser Cutting

Epilog Fusion Maker 36

Laser Cutter

The Makerspace is home to an Epilog Fusion Maker 36 Laser Cutter. This machine uses a laser beam to cut and engrave into material by burning away the substrate. The bed size is 36" x 24" and it can easily cut through many materials up to 1/4" thick. Common materials include wood, acrylic, EVA foam, cardboard, natural fabrics, and more.



Janome M7 Continental

Sewing machine

The Janome M7 Continental Sewing Machine provides professional quality stitches. It has a computerized database of hundreds of stitches to choose from. The machine's computer screen provides an abundance of useful information through QR codes.


Janome Memory Craft 550E

Embroidery machine

The Janome Memory Craft 550E is the Makerspace's embroidery machine. Embroider your fabric with any image that you can create in the computer. You can create your file in 2D software such as Adobe Illustrator and then come into the Makerspace to turn it into a stitch file.


Janome AirThread 2000D

Serger sewing machine

This machine is the Makerspace's serger -- sometimes also called an overlock machine. It is a type of stitch commonly used in producing fabric garments that cuts the edge and wraps the stitch over the side to protect the fabric from fraying.


Ditto Pattern Projector

Ditto pattern projector in use

New to pattern making? The Ditto Pattern Projector works in combination with the Ditto software to make cutting your own patterns as easy as possible. Select from the Ditto library the garment you'd like to create, input your custom measurements, and cut along the projected lines onto your fabric.



Cricut Maker 3

Cricut Maker 3 vinyl cutting machine

The Cricut Maker 3 is a computer controlled (CNC) machine that takes a digital file and transforms it into cut paths. The machine then moves a small cutting knife across the surface of your material to cut out any shape you can imagine. Common materials include vinyl, paper, fabric, and more.


Mayku FormBox Vacuum Former

Vacuum former in use

A vacuum former allows you to create custom 3D shaped plastic sheets. This is commonly used in packaging, mold making, and other fabrication methods. A heating element that heats a plastic sheet -- once the plastic has been heated to a malleable temperature, a vacuum pulls out all the air and pulls the plastic over your mold to create a replica.


Button Maker

Button maker

Our button maker is a super easy to use tool. Just put in a button that is 1.75" diameter, add your paper design, press down, and voila! You just made a button.



Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station

Soldering Iron Station

Ready to make some circuits? Our soldering stations have everything you need to solder wire together, including the soldering iron, tips, solder wire, copper sponges, helping hands, and more!


Hakko FX-8804CK Hot Tweezers

Hot tweezer rework station

This hot tweezer station can be used with our solder station to rework existing circuit boards. The heated tweezers allow you to remove components from the circuit board while minimizing damage to other areas.


Hot Air Rework Station

Hot air rework station

Our hot air stations work great for many tasks including surface mount soldering or applying heat shrink tubing.


Arduino Starter Kits

Arduino R3 Development Board

Use our Arduino R3 boards to get started in the realm of microcontrollers. Arduino is a well-known, open source product that allows you to plug and play while building circuits with logic. If you want to use electronics to react to the real life environment, add timing to circuits, and more, then come into the Makerspace to get started.


Non-Powered Hand Tools

Assorted tools

Assorted hand tools

Our hand tools include saws, scissors, pliers, files, calipers, and more.


Powered Hand Tools

Battery Powered Drill

Powered hand drill

This battery powered drill is available for you to drill holes and drive screws.


Impact Driver

Impact driver in use

This battery powered impact driver allows you to rapidly drive in screws and assemble your project.