Guidelines for acceptable use

The Makerspace is open to all students, faculty, and staff affiliated with UC Santa Barbara. We support all creative endeavors regardless of whether they are academic, research, or personal explorations.
This is a communal space - to ensure a positive experience for all of our users, please keep in mind our guidelines for acceptable use:

  • Users must review and sign all initial agreements and safety forms through DocuSign before using the space.
  • Users must complete training through Canvas for use of specific equipment.
  • Users cannot use Makerspace equipment to manufacture items for resale. Items created are limited to 5 identical reproductions. Beyond this limit, reproductions will be considered mass production and will not be permitted.
  • Iterations that include changes for prototyping purposes are permitted and encouraged.
  • All projects created within the Makerspace must respect the intellectual property of others and follow all copyright laws.
  • Users cannot create any weapons, parts of weapons, or weapon-like items.
  • Hate speech, harassment, and discriminatory language are not permitted.
  • Equipment may not be removed from the Makerspace.


Safety Guidelines

  • Training is required for use of Makerspace equipment. The initial forms found in the Introduction module of our Canvas course will authorize users to handle non-powered hand tools and heated equipment such as hot glue guns.
  • If you are unsure about how to safely operate equipment or tools, please ask a staff member.
  • Safety goggles, hearing protection, gloves, and masks are available for your use. It is your responsibility to wear the proper safety equipment for your project.
  • Do not leave machinery running unattended.
  • Keep hands and arms away from machinery during operation.
  • Secure all long hair, scarves, ties, lanyards, loose-fitting clothing, or jewelry when using machinery in the Makerspace. These items can get caught in the equipment and cause injury.
  • Never use a broken tool or machine. Report any broken equipment to a staff member immediately.
  • In case of an injury, let a staff member know right away.
  • Clean up after yourself and return all tools when you finish using them.
  • Keep the floor clear of clutter, wires, and/or trip hazards.

Any failure to comply with the above may result in the loss of Makerspace privileges.