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A convenient way to make scholarly work public under UC’s Open Access Policies

The UCSB Library is pleased to announce that starting March 4th, 2024, all UCSB academic and research employees covered by the Presidential Open Access Policy, including non-senate researchers, lecturers, post-doctoral scholars, administrative staff, librarians, and graduate students, will join Senate faculty authors in receiving alerts from the University of California Publication Management System (UCPMS). 

UCPMS is an internal system used by UC authors to conveniently verify their publications and upload them to eScholarship, UC's systemwide open access repository and publishing platform. The system minimizes an author's work by simply uploading the correct document. UCPMS searches multiple publication databases and sends authors an email every two weeks when it finds publications that fall under UC's open access policies. Authors can also use the system to update their publications in other systems, such as ORCID. 

UC's open access policies allow UC authors to post scholarly articles in eScholarship or another open repository, regardless of the terms of their publishing agreement, for any agreements signed after the policy's adoption. As long as the publication is covered by a UC policy and the publisher does not request a waiver, authors are fully empowered to make the author's final version of their article openly available immediately upon publication. Learn more about the UC Open Access Policies at


To get help with the UC Publication Management System, please visit

UCSB librarians and staff are also available to provide assistance with the Open Access Policy and answer questions about how to disseminate and preserve your published research broadly. Please email to contact the UCSB Library UCPMS Team.