• Copies of copyrighted materials will be made within the provisions of “fair use” (educational and research purposes) as defined by U.S. copyright law.
  • MIL will not reproduce any map or aerial photograph in part or in full if the publisher has specifically prohibited it either on the item itself or by an established agreement with the University.
  • A signed agreement is required for reproduction of aerial photography for which the UC Regents hold copyright or reproduction rights.

Maps and Atlases

Photocopies: MIL has two photocopiers in-house: a standard copier for black and white copies of map and text materials only, and a high-end color copier.

  • Paper sizes available are 8 ½” x 11” and 11” x 17”.
  • Enlargements and reductions can be made.
  • MIL copiers are not able to copy overhead-transparencies media.
  • Many maps more than 50 years old are fragile and do not circulate; copying must be done in-house on either copier, with fees charged where appropriate; black and white copies (in reasonable amounts, as per staff discretion) are free.
  • Older maps will be copied in full (on multiple sheets) if not copyrighted. Copies are made as staff time allows.
  • Maps will not be folded in order to fit to copier window black and white photocopies
  • MIL will make one free black and white photocopy per map from MIL’s closed-stack collection, and up to 10 pages from any text within the closed-stack section of MIL. See also section on "Copyright".
  • If the number of copies the patron requires exceeds MIL's limits (staff discretion is applied in these situations), some maps may be checked out. UC students must have current student ID card to check materials out of the library. No materials are circulated out of MIL’s closed stack locations after 5pm.
  • Text items from the MIL Public Area stacks outside MIL's doors are not copied in MIL; users may either check the item out at the main Services Desk or take the item to the coin-operated copiers located elsewhere in the library.
  • Color Copies
    • The copier is available on a limited basis each day. No copies are made after 4:30 p.m. Patrons may be asked to return later to pick up copies, or may elect to have the copies mailed at no charge for regular postage.
    • Color copies of maps (8.5”x11”; 11”x17”) are $2.00 per copy page.
    • Payment: MIL accepts payment via check, cash or company purchase order. Checks should be made out to “Regents of the University of California.” Payment must be received before materials (i.e., copies) will be delivered to our clients.

Other Options

  • UC users must have a current student ID card in order to check maps out of the department. There is a copy center in the UCEN with a digital color copier service, for formats 11”x17” or smaller.
  • Commercial reproduction is available off-campus.
  • Scanning:
    • Digital reproductions of maps are limited to these two options:
      • Digital files already in existence: download to CD -
      • Maps available as hard copy only: See <“UC Scanning Request & Digital Submission Agreement.”>

Aerial Photographs

Aerial photography does not circulate. The Regents of the University of California retain ownership and reproduction rights for all images, both hard-copy and scanned images. Reproduction does not include rights for publishing, resale, or making additional copies from any reproduction of photography in any format in MIL’s collections.

  • Only materials for which the U.C. Regents hold either the copyright, or the reproduction rights, or both, will be reproduced.
  • Reproductions are to be accompanied by copyright statement: “Copyright [current year] by The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.”
  • A signed agreement is required before copies in any format are made.
  • Any publication – in print or on the Web - of materials to which the U.C. Regents hold rights must be pre-approved by the Department Head.
  • The UC copyright statement, and flight and frame number, must appear with the reproduction of the frame.
  • Downloads of frames already in digital format may be copied to an MIL-provided write-able CD. B&W frames are about 30MB each; color frames are about 100MB. One CD will hold approximately 650 MB. Downloads to CD must be completed by 4:30 p.m.
  • Downloads of frames already in digital format can be posted to a secure FTP site for retrieval.
  • Scanning of frames will be performed by the Digitization Center upon request.
    • Scanning of 1-9 frames will be completed within 2 business days of the request; time period required for scanning of more than 9 frames will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
    • The Digitization Center will scan frames 11”x17” or smaller at up to 2400 ppi; clients who need larger format imagery to be scanned may make arrangements with Pacific Western Aerial Surveys.
    • Custom reproductions may be obtained through Pacific Western Aerial Surveys (PWAS); PWAS makes these reproductions from high-resolution scans and then prints from the digital file. PWAS may also consider allowing the Digitization Center to scan their copyrighted imagery for educational purposes on a case-by-case basis. MIL requires written permission from PWAS in order to have their photography scanned. Please contact PWAS at (805) 963-0382.