In September 2017, the Map & Imagery Laboratory's collections of maps and aerial photos became part of the Library's Special Research Collections (SRC). Spatial data services are now available in  the Library's Interdisciplinary Research Collaboratory (the Collaboratory).

For map and aerial photography inquiries, please see the SRC Collections page.  Email:  special [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu

 Phone: (805) 893-3062

For spatial data please refer to the Interdisciplinary Research Collaboratory.  Email: collaboratory [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu

 Phone:(805) 893-8946

About MIL

The Map & Imagery Laboratory (MIL) was the home of the UCSB Library's geospatial data and cartographic materials collections since 1979.  During its existance, the UCSB Library became home to one of the country's largest map, aerial photograph, and GIS data collections.  Our historical aerial photograph collection is the largest such collection in any academic library.

The UCSB Library continues to be a leader in the provision of spatial data services and the preservaton of important information about the landscapes of California and the entire planet.  We serve the academic and research needs of the University of California, business, industry, federal and state government, and other domestic and foreign educational institutions.

The Library remains a primary information source for regional, national and global academic research, and hosts many symposia and seminars. Previous major projects have advanced the interdisciplinary use of spatial data and provided technologies for integrating diverse information formats. More about the history of the Map & Imagery Lab.