The KEYT Television News Archive is a collection of over 2,500 videotapes created by the Santa Barbara ABC affiliate, KEYT-Channel 3 from 1986-1995. They contain the archived copies of local televions news segments, news magazines, and other programming. 

The collection is in the order as it was created by KEYT, with series for local news segments ("Local" series), sports, newsmagazines, and a series of "high value" programs that were taped in their entirety on 1" or 2" video. Scans of the KEYT inventories for the "Local" series (segments broadcast on the nightly news) are below. 

Not every tape in the inventory is in the collection and the inventories do not represent all portions of the collection. Other portions of the collection do not have inventories, including sports, news magazines, and other programming. An inventory of these programs will be prepared in the future. 

Specific terminology from the television news business is used in the logs. Many of those terms are defined here.

A complementary collection, the KEYT Newsfilm Archive (before they switched to newsgathering via videotape), is at the UCSB Department of Film and Media Studies. Later materials are still maintained by KEYT.

Digital copies can be requested through a Special Collections Research Account. Copies are made for research and study purposes. Copyright is retained by KEYT and permission for commercial use should be secured through the station. 

For more information on the collection or assistance in using the materials, please contact Special Collections staff at special [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu