Consultations / Reference

If you have a data project, we can help you get started. The DREAM Lab team can:

  • Point you towards proprietary and open-access data sources.
  • Get you started using campus-wide resources such as the Qualtrics web survey platform and Esri's geospatial analysis and visualization software.
  • Advise you on the best software to use with particular types of data. Access a large number of software titles.
  • Work with individuals and groups using analytical methods that rely on the creation, analysis, and visualization of complex datasets (especially groups from humanities, social science, and fine arts).
  • The Library's Research Data Services team also supports active and ongoing management of data produced by UCSB researchers.
  • Check out our LibGuides on training resources for software supported by the DREAM Lab.

The Carpentries

Carpentry workshops aims to help researchers get their work done in less time and with less pain by teaching them basic research computing skills. These hands-on workshops are typically two full days and topics taught can include Bash, Git, R, and/or Python. The DREAM Lab helps to organize the UCSB Carpentry community by hosting regular meet-ups, sponsoring Instructor certification training, and directly presenting workshops

Workshops We Offer

We offer introduction to scientific computing Software and Data Carpentry workshops, and, with advanced notice, a wide variety of workshops on other data-driven techniques and tools.


The DREAM Lab supports a large number of software titles. In the Lab we have the Adobe Creative Suite, ArcGIS Pro, MS Office, STATA, Python (Anaconda distro), and many others. 

Qualitative Data Analysis Study Group

An emerging community supporting computationally supported qualitative research.