The UCSB Library subscribes to Brandwatch, a web-based library of historical social media posts (updated in real-time) and social media analysis software platform. Posts can be searched using keywords and then either downloaded for off-line analysis with third party tools or analyzed using Brandwatch's data visualizations. We are permitted to download up to 10K posts/mentions per day.

Brandwatch dashboards offer in-house analytics such as trending topics, mention volume over time, sentiment analysis, emotion, online engagement, and insight into user demographics.

Brandwatch's social media data library consists of hundreds of billions of posts from content providers including:

  • X/Twitter: all historical public Posts and 500 millions daily Posts in real-time
  • Reddit: all public (safe-for-work) subreddits in near-real-time
  • Tumblr: full access
  • Blogs: includes WordPress, Medium, and Blogger
  • Forums: thousands of forums, with data back to 2010
  • YouTube:  Content from video descriptions and comments.
  • News sites
  • Facebook/Instagram

For more information on using Brandwatch, including how to sign-up for access, please contact

For a detailed overview of Brandwatch's data sources, see