The Collaboratory team provides consultation and instructional services related to data access and use. We are also interested in supporting interdisciplinary humanities, social science, and fine art teaching and research projects, and in working with individuals and groups using analytical methodologies that rely on the creation, analysis, and visualization of complex datasets. We maintain a LibGuide on training resources for software supported by the Collaboratory.

Qualitative Data Analysis Study Group

An emerging community supporting computationally supported qualitative research.

Quantitative Data

Sources of quantitative and numeric data include public databases, subscription sources, and limited access tools and subscriptions. Consultations are available to help identify and recommend data for teaching, learning, and research use. 

  • Government data sources (including Census data)
  • Datastream (Collaboratory access only)

Social Media Data

We support researchers who want to explore working with social media data sources such as Twitter. We offer access, consultation, and instruction for a number of tools and products.

  • Twitter Public API using twarc
  • Crimson Hexagon
  • NCapture

Spatial Data and Software

The Collaboratory is the primary point of contact for the Esri Campus Site License and maintains an extensive collection of GIS datasets on local servers, which are accessible only in the Collaboratory.