Gerry Fialka founded the PXL THIS festival in 1990 to feature films made with the Fisher-Price PXL 2000 toy camera that debuted in 1987 and used audio cassettes to record video and was adopted in the 1990s by experimental filmmakers. Now in its 30th year, the festival continues to draw attention to filmmaking outside the mainstream.

"PXL one of the longest-running film festivals in the entertainment capital of the world. Celebrating "cinema povera" moving image art, it evokes Marcel Duchamp's axiom "Poor tools require better skills." Pixelators from across the globe hook up inventive approaches to the unassuming throw-away of consumer culture. These low-tech hi-jinx films come through loud and clear by reframing a new cinema language. "If movies offer an escape from everyday life, Pixelvision is the Houdini of the film world." - SF Weekly

Fialka has donated his archive including festival entries, oral history interviews, and other materials to UCSB's Performing Arts and Moving Image Archives. 

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