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The UCSB-only Data Collection drive can only be accessed in the DREAM Lab. Feel free to come by and explore what we have on our computers! Instructions on how to find spatial data in the Library catalog can be found here. The restricted Data Collection contains the electronic information resources that are restricted by copyright, licensing, or other factors that prevent us from sharing them with the general public.  Please carefully read the metadata and catalog records for specific restrictions on each title.

If you are unable to visit the Library, please email us a dreamlab@library.ucsb.edu to discuss access to our DREAM Lab-only resources. 

Resources include business, social science, demographic, and spatial data.  The resources are organized into 4 folders: 

*Screenshot of folders

  • Imagery: Raster data ready for use in a GIS.  Organized by folders named with the originator of the imagery.  This folder hierarchy includes licensed satellite imagery and historic aerial photographs that have been georeferenced by the Library or research partners.
    • Highlight: 2015 CIRGIS 3" pixel images of the UCSB Campus
  • LCC: Library of Congress Classification.  These are primarily maps that have been scanned from books.
    • Highlight: Land use map of Kano, Nigeria, 1966.
  • MILMIL Classification (follow link to call number guide).  Almost 400 titles of vector and raster geospatial data and scanned maps organized accoring to our in-house call number scheme.  Plus disk images pulled off of legacy media from the 1970s through early 2000s.  
    Not all of these folders are described in Library Search