We also have a page about spatial data arranged by type.

UCSB Campus Data

  • The Library has shapefile extracts of campus data from several different sources available in our Network Data Collection.
    • 2016 Bike Paths extracted from 2015 aerial photography
    • Data from UCSB Facilities Management 2014 
    • Campus Area LIDAR (elevation) data
    • and others! Search the catalog or browse the Network Data collection.

Municipal Data

None of Santa Barbara County's incorporated cities share their GIS data online.  We have a variety of this local data in our Network Data Collection

Santa Barbara County Data

  • The DREAM Lab holds several versions of Santa Barbara County's standard GIS datasets on CD-ROM and in the Network Data Collections.  The county no longer distributes its data online.

Neighboring Counties Data

  • Ventura (link is to Library Catalog record)
    A 2016 capture of Ventura County data
  • San Luis Obispo (link is to Library Catalog record)
    Note: We have a 2013 capture of this data

Regional Data of Local Interest

Statewide Data

United States National Scale Data

  • The National Map Viewer
    includes the ability to download layer files to connect ArcGIS to WMS services and to extract subsections of data for use on your own desktop computer. 

US Census




  • Natural Earth Data
    Global vector and raster data suitable for creating regional and international maps at scales from 1:10 million to 1:105 million.  Administrative boudaries down to states/provinces for most countries.  Downloads are shapefiles and TIFFs.
  • Global Administrative Areas (GADM)
    Countries of the world, along with 294,430 administrative subdivisions.  Available in several common GIS formats.
  • Demographic and Health Surveys
    25 indicators for all countries compiled by USAID and the US Census Bureau