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The public access system to the UCSB Library's online aerial photograph collection.

Interactive Campus Map Layers Demo

A map with several layers from the Geography Department's Interactive Campus Map.  The ICM's individual layers are hosted on ArcGIS Online, therefore they are available inside the tool. Also on this map are centerpoints of aerial photographs from several decades, and a seamless mosaic of a 1956 fight over the Goleta area.

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard

Perhaps the most well-known ArcGIS Onlne project, the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Dashboard received tens-of-millions of hits per day at the height of the epidemic.

Population Estimate Samples

Only visible to UCSB affiliates. There are three commonly available estimates of world population.  This web map compares them for the area around UCSB.

Cheadle Center Restoration Projects Database

A web map showing wetlands, soils, watersheds, and a list of restoration projects in the Santa Barbara area.

Yichang, 1946

An interactive 3-d view of this Yangze River town in Hubei Province, China.

End of the Line

Produced by the Esri Storymap team, this project explores commuting and housing difficulties in relation to Washington DC's public transit system.