Esri ArcGIS Support

DREAM Lab supports and distributes Esri ArcGIS suite of software to the UCSB community. Esri and its user community maintain an extensive collection of geospatial data called the Living Atlas. All UCSB students, faculty, and staff may install Esri's desktop software on their personal computers and have access to ArcGIS Online using their netID's.  Users from departments and units who contribute to the site license have access to all of Esri's desktop and server software, map and datapacks, and access to Esri technical support.


The Library has shared a small portion of its geospatial data collections on the Library's GeoData repository (powered by BlackLight) and our Esri Open Data Hub.  ArcGIS Online also contains a wide variety of spatial data.

If you are unable to visit the Library, please email us a to discuss access to our Library-only resources. 

You can come to the  DREAM Lab to access our extensive collections of GIS data and scanned maps.  We have two network drives on our workstations:

The MIL directories contain more than 600 titles of scanned maps and geospatial data.  The data in the Public Open Data folder is in the Public Domain and can be used for any purpose.  UCSB-Only Data is licensed or otherwise restricted data--please check the metadata carefully and speak to an staff member if you have questions regarding the use of this data.

Many of these folders are NOT described in UC Library Search.  

We also have a giant CD-ROM and DVD collection.  Use UC Library Search to find them.  We have guidelines and instructions for using Library Search, our library's online catalog, to find and access geospatial data. Please ask if have problems identifying appropriate data for your project.

The UCSB Library participates in cooperative collecting and lending with the UC/Stanford Maps & Geospatial Data Common Knowledge Group.

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