General policies and principles for the Library's collections are stated in the General Collection Development Policy.  

Purpose of the Collection

The purpose of the library’s Philosophy collection is to support the research and teaching mission of the Philosophy Department.

Scope of Coverage

The collection contains print and electronic materials on all branches and areas of philosophy. However, emphasis is given to collecting materials related to analytic and ancient philosophy in support of the department’s primary areas of study. The subject areas listed below provide a detailed description of the materials collected:

  • ancient philosophy
  • epistemology
  • ethics
  • logic
  • philosophy of language
  • philosophy of mind
  • metaphysics
  • modern philosophy
  • political philosophy
  • social philosophy.

The collection consists primarily of philosophical works in English. Translations of relevant works are collected selectively. Reference materials and other bibliographic resources are collected as well.

Chronological limits

Ancient to contemporary.

Date of publication

Emphasis is on current imprints. New and revised editions are selectively purchased. Older materials are collected as needed.

Geographical areas

There are no restrictions to geographical areas collected provided they are relevant to the department. The primary focus of collection is related to Ancient and Western Philosophy. Books on eastern philosophy and traditions may be covered under another collection development policy such as Far East Studies and Religious Studies (see below).

Types of materials


The following formats are collected: journals, monographs (e.g. books), conference proceedings with emphasis on research and academic oriented monographs and journals. North American university presses and trade press titles are received on approval and other materials are selected individually. Digital versions (e.g. eBooks) of reference materials and anthologies are collected.

Audio Visual materials (e.g. DVDs.) are purchased occasionally.


Textbooks and unpublished dissertations are not acquired unless requested by affiliated faculty and students.

U.C. System-wide

U.C. subject specialists in Philosophy and Religion participate in a discussion forum about new resources such as journal databases, e-book database collections, and other major resources for potential system-wide purchase requiring a cost-sharing model. This endeavor sometimes proceeds with assistance from California Digital Library (CDL).

Subject librarian: gerardo colmenar

Policy Last Updated: 4 June 2015