General policies and principles for the Library's collections are stated in the General Collection Development Policy.

Purpose of the Collection

The purpose of the collection activity in chemical engineering is to support the instructional curriculum and research activity in the Chemical Engineering department up through the doctoral level, and related centers, such as the UCSB Center for Control, Dynamical Systems and Computation. Many interests of the Chemical Engineering department overlap with those of the Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Materials departments, and so some collection activity may occur in those collections.

Academic Department/Program Description

The UCSB Chemical Engineering Department carries out research in the areas of Biomaterials and Bioengineering; Catalysis, Kinetics and Reaction Engineering; Electronic and Photonic Materials; Fluids, Transport and Safety; Inorganic, Ceramic and Structural Materials; Polymers and Complex Fluids; and Process Control and Computation. Many faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students are also involved in interdisciplinary programs, including the Center for Control, Dynamical Systems and Computation, the Materials Research Laboratory, the Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, and the Center for Risk Studies and Safety.

The Department offers the B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering, with tracks in Basic Chemical Engineering; Biochemical Engineering and Biomaterials; Environment, Risk and Safety; Materials Science and Engineering; and Process Control and Mathematics/Computation. At the graduate level, the Department offers the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering.


Materials purchased in chemical engineering support the research and curriculum needs of the department and are generally current English language resources. Preference is given to electronic formats due to space considerations in the library as well as convenience of access.

Because the budget for serials is fully committed, new subscriptions are considered only if an equivalent dollar amount of existing local subscriptions can be cancelled

Systemwide and Other Resources

In order to maximize our purchasing power, the vast majority of materials selected for chemical engineering are purchased consortially with other UC campuses.  These include:

  • Databases, including Compendex, SciFinder and Web of Science.
  • Monographs, including titles from the American Chemical Society, Elsevier, Royal Society of Chemistry, Springer, and Wiley.
  • Serials, including titles from the American Chemical Society, Elsevier, Royal Society of Chemistry Springer, and Wiley.

Subject librarian: Charles F. Huber
Policy Last Updated: April 2015