Amy and Jens Nyholm Prize

As stated by Amy Nyholm, the prize is awarded to “a librarian, [who] in the judgment of the University Librarian, aided by consultants he [sic] may elect, has made during the past year an outstanding contribution to librarianship, be it excellence of performance, catalyzing influence, or some other act of distinction.”

Amy and Jens Nyholm were active supporters of the UCSB Library. Jens Nyholm was a University Librarian at Northwestern University before retiring to Santa Barbara. He was a consultant to Special Collections and president of the Friends of the UCSB Library from 1971-1976.

Award documentation including guidelines and the nomination form are available in the forms section on the Library Wiki.


2023   Anna Seiffert
2022   Farshad Sonboldel
2021   Marti Kallal
2020   Alex Regan
2019   no award made
2018   Leahkim Gannett
2017   Catherine Busselen
2016   Chrissy Rissmeyer
2015   Stephanie Tulley
2014   Eunice Schroeder
2013   Sherri Barnes
2012   Janet Martorana
2011   Jane Faulkner
2010   Janet Martorana
2009   Annie Platoff
2008   Anne Barnhart
2007   Gary Johnson
2006   Eric Forte
2005   Sal Guerena
2004   Lucia Snowhill
2003   David Seubert
2002   David Tambo
2001   Catherine Nelson
2000   Beverly Ryan
1999   Lyn Korenic
1998   Sherry DeDecker
1997   Patrick Dawson
1996   Adan Griego
1995   Mary Larsgaard
1994   Andrea Duda
1993   Charles Huber and John Vasi
1992   Cheryl LaGuardia
1991   Janet Martorana
1990   Susan Bower
1989   Henry Tai
1988   Carol Gibbens
1987   Sylvia Curtis
1986   Lucia Snowhill
1985   Herbert Linville
1984   Grace Thomas
1983   Christian Brun
1982   David Kiley
1981   Robert Sivers
1980   Pat Cronshaw
1979   Pat Pung
1978   Art Anthony
1977   Grace Callahan
1976   no award made
1975   Judy Horn
1974   Martha Peterson
1973   William Treese
1972   Laura Nanna