1964 - present (index); 1995 - present (full-text PDFs)

The National Technical Reports Library provides access to US Federal government technical reports in science and technology.  It indexes about 2,000,000 reports and currently provides access to PDF copies of some 800,000 reports published since 1995. (More reports will be added, as pre-1995 reports are scanned.)  Note that while access is free to the public, you must register with NTRL to gain access, and you may only download five reports per session.  Also, free access is only available within the borders of the United States of America.

Materials Indexed: Technical Reports Database Type: Full Text Collection, Index Interface Language: English Materials Language: English Subject: Agriculture, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science & Engineering, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science and Management, Environmental Studies, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Military Science, Nanotechnology, Physics, Technical Reports, Technology Broad Category: Engineering, Sciences