The NASA Technical Reports Server is a valuable resource for researchers, students, educators, and the public to access NASA's current and historical technical literature and engineering results. Over 500,000 aerospace-related citations, over 200,000 full-text online documents, and over 500,000 images and videos are available. NTRS content continues to grow as new scientific and technical information (STI) is created or funded by NASA. The types of information found in the NTRS include: conference papers, journal articles, meeting papers, patents, research reports, images, movies, and technical videos.

The NTRS integrates NASA's following three collections and enables search and retrieval through a common interface:

  • NACA Collection: Citations and reports from the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics period lasting from 1916 to 1958.
  • NASA Collection: Citations and documents created or sponsored by NASA starting in 1958 and continuing to the present.
  • NIX Collection: Citations and images, photos, movies, and videos are downloaded from the NASA Image eXchange and served out through NTRS. NIX is a separate system and users can also go directly to the NIX site to search imagery.
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