Returning Ordinary Loans

  • Regular borrowed materials from both the Music and Main Libraries may be returned to the outside dropbox located at the downstairs entrance to the Music Library.
  • They may also be returned to the Main Library. All materials returned after-hours will be considered returned on the next open day.
  • Due to their fragile nature, please avoid returning media items in any dropbox -- please take them upstairs to our Service Desk, instead.

Returning Music Course Reserve Loans

  • Music Reserves must be returned to the Music Library, preferably to the Music Service Desk.
  • Returning a Music Reserves item in our dropbox, rather than to our Service Desk, may cause it to accrue overdue fines to your account.

Returning Special Loans

  • Music Library materials borrowed via Special Loan must be returned to the Music Service Desk during Music Library open hours.
  • Please do not return any special-loan items in the outside drop-box or to the Main Library.