There are two ways to log into My Library Account, depending on whether you have a UCSBnet ID or a Community Borrower card.  Please use the link and instructions that are appropriate for you.

UCSBnet ID Users

  • Log in to My Library Account
  • Use your UCSBnet ID and password to log in
  • Logging into UCSB Library Search gives you access to the features associated with your account.  These include checking your account status, renewing books, viewing loan periods, saving records to your account, as well as saving searches and setting up alerts. 
  • Full text access requires using the proxy server or campus VPN.  Please see our Accessing Full Text tips for work-arounds to some current issues.
  • UCSBnet ID access is available to current UCSB students, faculty (including emeriti), and staff only.

Community Borrowers

  • Go to UCSB Library Search
  • Click on the Guest link at upper right
  • Use your Library barcode and password to log in.  See next bullet if you have not set a password yet.
  • NOTE:  Before first use, you need to have the Services Desk create a password for you.  While they can do it by phone, we recommend that you come in and do it in person.  This will allow you to enter the password yourself.
  • Logging into My Library Account does not give you access to full text.  You will need to use one of the Library's public computer for access to full text.