Virtual Machines and Remote Software Access

We offer remote-access to specialized software on Azure Labs virtual machines.

  • Dreamlab-GeoSpatial
    • Esri ArcGIS Pro 3.3
      • Includes Esri's custom Python 3.8, including Jupyter notebooks.
    • QGIS 3.36
      • Includes LAS Tools for LIDAR analysis
    • Adobe/Terrago toolbar for viewing multi-layer PDFs
  • Dreamlab-DataStats
    • EViews
    • Eikon/Datastream (has special use requirements)
    • Mathematica
    • SPSS
    • R/R Studio
    • OpenRefine
    • Anaconda Python 3.11 distro


  • Dreamlab-Qual (only to users who filled out the specialty software request) 
    • MaxQDA (only to users who filled out an EUA) 
    • Nvivo (only to users who filled out an EUA) 

Git for Windows, MS Office (Excel, Powerpoint, and Word), and the Sublime text editor are included on both machines.

Request access to one or both virtual machines by filling out this google form

*If you are faculty or a TA who needs access for an entire course please contact the DREAM Lab by emailing with 45 days notice. 

Azure Labs Use Guidelines

Keep in mind when using our Azure Labs services:

  • Back up your work!  Access to files you leave on your Lab machine is not guaranteed.
  • DO NOT UPDATE YOUR ArcPRO Version. ArcPro is configured for 3.1.2 and while you can update your Pro version, you may run into version control issues elsewhere. We will need to reset your lab to its original settings if this occurs. 
  • Do not use a VPN, the campus VPN or otherwise! It will break your Lab VM. If this happens, you will have to start with a fresh machine.
  • Lab VMs are issued with 50 hours of use. You may request more.
    • ​Users will need to both sign off their VMs and stop the VM from running (see login instructions)
  • These are University computing resources.  UCSB Terms of Use apply.

JupyterHub in the Classroom

Letters & Sciences IT offers JupyterHub instances for classroom use.