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  • 3701 E2 2014 .E8 Esri Data for Education Programs
    US demographic and consumer behavior data from a variety of sources including the US Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and others, including projections out to 2019.
  • 3851s A49 var U5 FrameFinder
    A dataset and GIS that describes the spatial extent of MIL's massive aerial photography collection.  The dataset contains centerpoints for more than 400,000 aerial photographs and information on their scale and digitization status.
  • UCSB Campus Data.  Annual compilations of campus vector and raster data from a variety of official sources.
    • 3853.S3:282:2U5 2014 U51 Interactive Campus Map Data. 3853.S3:282:2U5 2014 U5 Data from UCSB Facilities Management.
    • 3853:S3:282:2U5 G45 2010 U5 Data from UCSB Long Range Development Plan 2010
  • International topo map datasets.