UCSB Affiliates (students, staff, faculty) may sign up to use our AR / VR Studio.

Augmented and Virtual Reality offer new opportunities for data presentation and creation. 3-D immersive environments; infrastructure or art overlaid on top of our visual field as we move through space. The AR / VR Studio is a dual-use Library / DREAM Lab space. End-users may use Vive, Rift, and Hololens headsets and a variety of content creation software. The space is also available for Library staff meetings per our usual procedures. 

The Studio, room 2511 on the Mountain Side, is best used in small groups. Individuals are also welcome. End-users will check in and out via the DREAM Lab (room 2322). If you would like to explore in 3d, fill out this request form and we will schedule you for a short orientation within 2-3 business days.

After your orientation, you may reserve a workstation or the entire studio by emailing DREAMLab@library.ucsb.edu, or drop-in during regular DREAM Lab hours.

We have the following software available:

  • Blender: for creating 3d scenes and objects
  • UnReal Engine: the industry standard 3d game development engine
  • Steam (game library that accompanies UnReal)
  • Epic Games (to drive the HTC Vive app library)

Current Reserved Times

Room is otherwise available for bookings and drop-in (during regular Lab hours)