The DREAM Lab supports the data-oriented needs of University of California, Santa Barbara researchers:  faculty, currently enrolled students, and current employees.

Consultation Services

DREAM Lab staff provide assistance in locating and accessing data for research purposes. This includes data that is part of the Library’s local collection, access via Library or campus subscription, and freely available online. DREAM Lab staff provide assistance with loading data into supported statistical software packages and conversion of data from one format to another. Collaboratory staff do not advise on the application of methods or interpretation of analyses.

DREAM Lab “Lab Space” Room 2322

For UCSB affiliates, theDREAM Lab “Lab space,” in Room 2322 on the 2nd Floor, Mountain Side, provides a space for research consultations and access to workstations for viewing and using data resources. Researchers in the Lab have access to R & R Studio, Stata/SE, SAS, SPSS, ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, Python, StatTransfer, NVivo, MATLAB, EViews, Photoshop, and other software packages. Researchers must sign in to use this space. Access to these computers is limited to walk-in hours.

Faculty and graduate students may request this space for trainings when the room is not open for walk-in use. Requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Director of the DREAM Lab at All requests must be related to DREAM Lab services.

Special Events

On rare occasions, the DREAM Lab may be fully reserved for a presentation, workshop, or other types of special events.  We require AT LEAST one-month notice for any event that would require scheduling staff to be present and/or altering our drop-in computing schedule.  

Data Resources

Data sets that the Library owns or has access to via membership or subscription are subject to copyright law and use restrictions specified in their licenses.

Data sources that are not freely available may be accessible in the following locations:

  • Physical CDs, DVDs, and external hard drives can be checked out from the UCSB Library Services Desk and used in the Library, either in the DREAM Lab or on a personal laptop. If you are unable to visiting the Library, please contact us and we can work something out.
  • Online resources are available via IP access, and can be used off-campus by logging in to the proxy server.
  • Some resources are mounted on library servers with dedicated terminal access in the Lab; in some cases these are password-protected.

Please contact us at for inquiries into our restricted or physical datasets.

Related Policies

All use of the workstations and technology in the DREAM Lab is subject to the UCSB Library’s Computer Use Policy, the UCSB Library Building Use Policy, and all relevant UCSB and UC-wide Computing Policies.

Violations of this policy may lead to loss of DREAM Lab privileges.