For nursing mothers, UCSB Library offers a lactation room (Room 1304) behind the Information Desk at the Mountain Side entrance.

You do not need an appointment or Access Card to use the lactation room, but you must complete a daily campus COVID-19 Self-Assessment survey and obtain a green authorization badge. If you have not cleared the assessment or are showing symptoms of COVID-19, you will not be permitted access to the building.

You must fill out the lactation room log located with staff at the Information Desk to gain entrance to the room. Users may occupy the room for up to one hour. More time will be granted if needed. The lactation room may not be used for any purpose other than nursing or expressing milk.

The lactation room in the UCSB Library is equipped with a Medela hospital-grade breast pump. Nursing mothers must provide their own attachments. 

The lactation room is open during UCSB Library Reservation Hours. Please visit the Lactation Support Program website for a list of all lactation locations on campus.