For nursing mothers, UCSB Library offers two lactation rooms, one in the UCSB Library (Room 2549) and one in the Music Library (Room 2407B). Please visit the Lactation Accommodation Program website for a list of all lactation locations on campus.

Each lactation room is equipped with a Medela hospital-grade breast pump. Nursing mothers must provide their own attachments.

To use the room in the UCSB Library, go to the Services Desk in the Paseo and ask for a key to the lactation room. You do not need a library card to check out the key.  Only one key is available in the library.  It can be checked out for one hour and cannot be removed from the library.  To use the lactation room in the Music Library you need to register with the Lactation Accommodation Program and be issued a key.

The lactation room is open in the UCSB Library during Services Desk hours, and in the Music Library during Music Library hours.