Consists of major Japanese studies reference sources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and databases. Contents include Nihon Kokugo Daijiten, the largest Japanese language dictionary containing 500,000 entries and 1,000,000 examples, Rekishi Chimei Taikei, the largest historical & geographical dictionary that consists of 51 volumes, contains 200,000 entries, and updated from printed version (1979-2005), Kôdansha Encyclopedia of Japan, the largest encyclopedia in English about Japan, Nihon Dai Hyakka Zensho, one of the largest encyclopedia in Japanese (31 volumes), Jitsû, one of the best dictionaries about history and culture of Kanji,Imidas and Gendai Yôgo no Kiso Chishiki, dictionaries of current words, e-book of Tôyô Bunko series, e-journal of Shûkan ekonomisuto and etc.

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