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The American National Biography has biographies of men and women from all eras and walks to life, whose lives have shaped America. Biographies in ANB can be cross-referenced with those in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography to gain national perspective on someone. ANB includes illustrations, links to selected websites for more information, and descriptive bibliographies. The articles in ANB trace a person's life in chronological order, from birth to death, through a sequence of significant events. Contextual information or hyper-linked articles are included to give background information. Concluding paragraphs put the person's life in historical perspective.

Special features: Search by genres in American history: Black History, Women's History, Asian Pacific American Heritage, American Indian Heritage, and Hispanic Heritage. Search by topics in American history: American Literature, Arts in America, Black History, Civil Rights Movement, Civil War, Depression and New Deal, Frontier and Western Expansion, Gilded Age, Hispanic American Heritage, Native American Heritage, Women's History, and World War II.

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