Covers legislative and regulatory information from the United States Government.  Includes index records, abstracts, and some full text of congressional publications (1789 to present).  The collection contains:

  • full text of Congressional bills and resolutions (1789-present)
  • full text Congressional hearings (1824-present)
  • transcripts of unpublished hearings (1833-1980 House, -1990 Senate)
  • full text Congressional documents from recent years (varies with type of document)
  • full text of the Congressional Record and its predecessors (1789-1997), and the Congressional Record Daily Edition (1985-present)
  • bill tracking information, information on Congressional committees and individual members activities, and a wide variety of links to other sources of information on the activities of Congress.
Materials Indexed: Government Documents, Legal Literature Database Type: Index Interface Language: English Materials Language: English Subject: Environmental Science and Management, Environmental Studies, Global Peace & Security, Government, History (U.S.), Law & Society, Military Science, Political Science Broad Category: Government Information, Multidisciplinary