Hartill Art Associates Inc. has been an image provider since 1977, first with 35mm slides, now with high-quality digital images. This collection consists of 16,660 images of architecture, covering the Western world, the Middle East, and the Americas, from the ancient world to the present. There are two ways to access this database -- by using the web interface or by using the Insight® Client software. Web access is available from library user workstations or via the library proxy server. You can download the Insight® Client software, which offers additional functions including cross collection (AMICA, Saskia, MOAC, and other free collections from Luna) searching, provides more options for manipulating images, and provides tools for creating presentations and exporting them in HTML or PowerPoint. However, the Insight® Client software will not work with the proxy server and is not available on the library user workstations.

Materials Indexed: Images, Artworks, Images, Photographs Database Type: Index Interface Language: English Materials Language: English Subject: Art & Architecture Broad Category: Arts, Humanities