The result of 15 years’ work by historians and scholars, the Encyclopedia of Taiwan includes abstracts and indexing from thousands of books and is the largest single database on Taiwanese history in the Chinese language. It is the most heavily referenced database of its kind. The database contains 595 books divided into 309 categories.

The Encyclopedia of Taiwan incorporates local histories, official documents of the Ming, Qin and Nan-Ming Dynasties, poetry, and private collections. Much of the content is comprised of sole copies and rare out-of-print books. It spans the Tang Dynasty period to the period of Japanese occupation. The content has been assembled from Taiwanese libraries, as well as various libraries in Japan, Hong Kong, the USA, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Covering multiple dimensions of study, including geography, local customs, politics, economics, sociology, laws and culture, it is the most comprehensive historical resource for understanding Taiwan.

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