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The Encyclopedia of Law and Economics covers the broad area of the economic impact of legal structures; the print version is almost 5000 pages of literature reviews and bibliographies. Major section headings include: General Works, History and Methodology; Private Property; Common Property and Regulation of the Environment; Tort Law & Unjust Enrichment; General Contract Law; Regulation of Contracts; Tax Law, Social Security and Administrative Law; Civil and Criminal Procedure; Criminal Law, Economics of Crime and Law Enforcement; and Production of Legal Rules. Note that in this electronic version, some of the chapters within each of these main headings contain only the bibliographies from the chapter as it appears in the printed volumes, but many of the chapters are available as complete, full-text PDF files.

Materials Indexed: Book Chapters, Essays, Legal Literature Database Type: Encyclopedia Interface Language: English Materials Language: English Subject: Economics, Encyclopedias, Law & Society Broad Category: Reference, Social Sciences