This is a restricted resource, accessible with UCSB netID, although there is some publicly available information.

Esri's ArcGIS Online provides access to a wide variety of demographic, environmental, and historical information displayed via a map interface.  Datasets available include census information from many different countries, detailed consumer data for the United States (Tapestry Layers) and other countries, near real-time traffic information for several regions around the world, and global soil and elevation datasets.

Users can create, save, and share web maps using their own data as well as that provided by Esri and the ArcGIS Online user community. Web Map Applications allow a series of maps and visualizations to be packaged as presentations that can be shared with the UCSB community and the general public.  See our ArcGIS Online page for additional information.

Materials Indexed: Business Data, Census Data, Datasets, Economic Data, Financial Data, Maps, Statistics, Technical Data Database Type: Data Collection Interface Language: English Materials Language: English Subject: Biology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science and Management, Environmental Studies, Geography, Geology, Life Sciences, Statistical Information Broad Category: Reference