July 1964 - July 1965

This first installment of what will be a complete online edition of the presidential recordings of Lyndon B. Johnson collects nearly 400 conversations, beginning in July 1964 and running to July 1965. When completed, the edition will bring together all of the Miller Center's published transcripts, including all of the content in the eight volumes of the celebrated Norton print edition. The collection will span Johnson's entire presidency, beginning minutes after being sworn in on Air Force One after John F. Kennedy's assassination and ending just a few weeks before Richard Nixon's inauguration.

Each conversation is presented with its transcription and corresponding audio file so users can listen along as they read the expertly prepared transcription. In addition to introductory essays providing historical context, the editors have prepared extensive annotations for each conversation. The edition also offers image and video galleries, which, like the conversations, will grow in number through future installments.

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