Late 19th century – late 20th century

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This digital primary source archive focuses on post-war Japanese political and economic history. We own the following contents: 

·  Collection of Materials Related to Social and Energy Policy 社会政策・エネルギー政策関係資料集

·  Documents Related to Miki Takeo 三木武夫関係資料

·  Documents Related to Ōhira Masayoshi 大平正芳関係文書 

·  Documents Related to Ōkita Saburō 大来佐武郎関係文書 

·  Documents Related to Political Scientist Yabe Teiji 矢部貞治関係文書 

·  Documents Related to Wagatsuma Sakae 我妻栄関係文書 

·  Kusuda Minoru Collection (Satō Eisaku Papers) 楠田實資料 (佐藤栄作官邸文書)

·  Local System and Decentralization in Post War Japan 地方制度と地方分権 

·  Tokyo Army Military Proceedings on February 26 Incident (Part 1) 二・二六事件 東京陸軍軍法会議録

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