In 2016, the UCSB Library and CSU-Channel Islands scanned and georeferenced all images covering the Channel Islands held at the UCSB Library.  These photographs are now ready to use in GIS software packages, and will soon be available on an interactive website.  Time eras and scales are:

Date Flight Code
(link is to metadata records of original photographs)


C-561 San-Miguel Santa-Cruz Santa-Rosa 1:18,000
1940-May-Jun BTM-1940 3.24 m / pixel
1964-02-14 HA-WC 1.53 m / pixel
1977-01-11 77-006-02456 1:32,500
2003 NAPP-3C 1:40,000
2009 born digital 31.4 cm / pixel
2012 born digital 15 cm / pixel
2015 born digital 15 cm / pixel


Datasets are available by walking in to the DREAM Lab and accessing our Open Data Collection: File drive location: //x/Imagery/georeferenced_air_photos/  or //x/Imagery/Channel Islands NP
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