The Hate in America collection includes papers promoting as well as those opposing white nationalism. It brings together for the first time local, regional, and national newspapers published by Klan organizations and by sympathetic publishers from across the U.S. It also includes key anti-Klan voices from newspapers published by ethnic, Catholic, and Jewish organizations.

For more information about white nationalism, the Ku Klux Klan, and the voices that opposed them, go to the Context page. More details about the collection itself, including: target title lists, cost assumptions, and technical specifications are available on the Project information page.

Statement from the Database Provider:

The primary mission of Reveal Digital’s open access publishing program is to document a range of viewpoints that chronicle the historical record of 20th century America, whether driven by racial, gender, social or political motivations. The publications that make up our collections are the product of their time and place. Some contain extreme images and remarks that readers may consider offensive today. Bigotry and hate have no place in our society, yet they persist. By publishing these primary source collections Reveal Digital seeks to expose the opinions and thoughts of their authors for scrutiny in scholarship and public discourse.

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