18th - 20th Century

Global Commodities contains primary materials related to the history of global commodities, trade and transformations of societies. Some features of the collection include the exploration and exploitation of raw materials in Africa, Americas, and Asia since the 15th Century, development of major ports, historical documents on the origins, transportation, consumption and impact of commodities on societies. The collection focuses on fifteen commodities - chocolate, coffee, cotton, fur, oil, opium, porcelain, silver and gold, spices, sugar, tea, timber, tobacco, wheat, and wine and spirits.  The database includes data visualizations and interactive maps as well as, art, images, and commodity exhibitions. 

Materials Indexed: Archival Materials, Diaries, Ephemera, Essays, Images, Journals (personal), Manuscripts, Maps, Paintings, Photographs, Primary Sources Database Type: Archival Collections, Full Text Collection, Image Collection Interface Language: English Materials Language: English Subject: Anthropology, Black Studies, East Asian Studies, Environmental Science and Management, Environmental Studies, Global & International Studies, History (U.S.), History (World), Middle Eastern Studies, Political Science, Primary Sources, South Asian Studies Broad Category: Area Studies, Arts, Government Information, Humanities, Multidisciplinary, Reference, Social Sciences