China and the Modern World includes primary sources from libraries and archives across the world, including the Second Historical Archives of China and the British Library. It includes the following four modules

  • Diplomacy and Political Secrets (1869-1950) comprises a compilation of 4,204 rare China-related historical documents carefully selected from three series within the India Office Records held at the British Library.
  • Hong Kong, Britain and China (1841–1951) presents a collection of British Colonial Office records on colonial Hong Kong.
  • Records of the Maritime Customs Service of China (1854–1949) include official correspondence, dispatches, reports, memoranda, and private and confidential letters.
  • The Missionary, Sinology and Literary Periodicals (1817-1949) includes seventeen English-language periodicals in or about China during a period of of over 130 years, when the People's Republic of China was founded.
Materials Indexed: Archival Materials, Correspondence, Ephemera, Essays, Letters, Manuscripts, Primary Sources Database Type: Archival Collections Interface Language: English Materials Language: English Subject: East Asian Studies, Global & International Studies, History (World), Political Science, Primary Sources Broad Category: Area Studies, Social Sciences