UCSB NetID and Password

To sign in to the wireless network, the proxy server, or the VPN, use your UCSB NetID and password. Note: This is not the same as the barcode number on your Access Card that you use for UCSB Library Catalog, Melvyl, or Interlibrary Loan requests.

UCSB Students

Use your UCSB NetID and password

  • These are the same ID and password that you use for Gold, GauchoSpace, and U-Mail.
  • Use the Identity Manager to activate your new account or reset your password.

UCSB Current Faculty and Staff

Use your UCSB NetID and password

  • For faculty, this is the ID and password you use for E-grades.
  • For other employees, this is the ID and password that is used for Espresso, Kronos, Gateway, the Data Warehouse, Barc, the Travel Voucher System, and other systems on campus.
  • Use the Identity Manager to reset your password.

Emeritus Faculty and Without Salary Researchers

  • Emeritus Faculty must now be entered in the PPS system by their department in order to have a UCSBnet ID and password.
  • Without Salary Researchers who have a formal appointment within a campus department or institute should speak to the MSO of their department to obtain a UCSBnet ID and password.
  • FAQ for MSOs (from Academic Personnel)

Not UCSB Student or Employee

  • You may use our online resources from our user workstations in the library, but are not eligible for wireless or off-campus use.
  • Note: Alumni status or membership in the Alumni Association do not entitle you to use these services.

Important Note About Password Problems

  • Library staff does not have access to your UCSB NetID and password information. If you have forgotten your ID or password, use the Identity Manager for resetting your password to get that information.