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Library Highlights

Congratulations to Library Employees Who Are "Living the Values"

These Library employees have been recognized for embodying through their actions, activities, and deeds one of the Library's core values: collaboration.

Art Network

The Library is currently the location for a site-specific digital exhibition. Look for the network ID called "Art Network" to connect using your laptop. 

University Librarian on Data Curation @ UCSB Project

"Research libraries...are becoming something different from what they used to be. The flavor of the work is changing." -- Denise Stephens, University Librarian

Floors 5 & 6 Closed Temporarily

Floors 5 & 6 are closed to the public for a few weeks for construction. Collection materials can be retrieved from these floors for you by Library staff. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Featured Collection Item: Treehouse

The sculptural pop-up Treehouse by Paul Johnson (2010) is one of many artists' books in the UCSB Library's collections.

Exhibition: The Emergence of the Bill of Rights

This new exhibition in Special Collections explores how the Bill of Rights as we know it today emerged from a political struggle that spans the history of the American Republic.

Know Your Library

Do you need a book or article that we don’t have? We can get it for you from another library through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).