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Library Highlights

Library Employees Recognized for "Living the Value" of Integrity

Congratulations to the Library employees who were recently recognized as "Living the Value" of integrity, one of six core UCSB Library values.

On Exhibit: 3D Printed Artists' Book by Tom Burtonwood

Recently acquired by the UCSB Library, Orihon is an accordian fold artists' book of textures and reliefs printed onto thick plastic by a 3D printer.

Take “Orihon,” an artists’ book recently acquired by UC Santa Barbara. The work of Chicago-based Tom Burtonwood, it’s a three-dimensional, accordion-fold volume that is a tactile, visual assemblage of textures and reliefs printed into thick plastic. Pins and modular hinges — prototyped by the artist himself — are what hold its pages in place. - See more at:

University Librarian Signs Last Beam for New Construction

On June 25, University Librarian Denise Stephens participated in a topping off ceremony by signing the last beam that is to be added to the Library Addition.

Featured Collection Item: Manuscript Bible, c. 1297

This Bible from the late 13th century is one of many illuminated manuscripts held in Special Collections.

Discography of American Historical Recordings Unveiled

The Discography of American Historical Recordings documents more than 100,000 master recordings made by American record companies during the 78rpm era, including from the Victor Talking Machine Company, Columbia Records, and Berliner Gramophone Co.

Know Your Library

Oldest Item in the Library

The library's oldest item is a Sumerian tablet, circa 2046-2037 BCE. Written in cuneiform script pressed into clay, this "messenger text" lists goods that might have been included in an ancient shipment, such as beer, bread, oil, spices, and onions.