Placing Material on Course Reserves

Use the Course Reserves web form to place materials on reserve.  You can fill out the form and submit it online, or you can come to the Circulation and Reserves Desk where a staff member can help you fill it out.  In order for the online form to be processed, you must fill out all requested information.  If you come to the Circulation and Reserves Desk to submit the form, please have the following information available:


  • Course Number (e.g. HIST 100A) 
  • Course Name
  • Instructor Name
  • Contact Information (email or telephone number)
  • Bibliographic Information (you can find the call numbers needed by checking in our Library Catalog).

Library-Owned Titles

  • Typically we can place on reserve any title and format that is available for check out.  If the item is checked out, we will rush recall it, which shortens the due date to 3 days.  If you bring library-owned titles for Reserves directly to the desk they will be processed significantly faster than if our staff is required to pull them from the stacks.  Non-circulating material (Reference and Special Collections material) may not be placed on reserve.
  • If you know that the library does not own a title, you may request a purchase order by submitting a Course Reserves List with the relevant bibliographic Information.  Please note:
    • Textbooks may not be ordered; however, we will accept them for Reserves from the departments or instructors.
    • Purchase orders requested through Course Reserves must be for course instruction.  When the requested material arrives, it must go on reserve for the remainder of the quarter.
    • If you want to order an item to be added to the general collection, please contact the subject librarian.
    • Orders can be placed only for the current or subsequent academic quarter.

Department and Faculty-Owned Titles

  • Due to budgetary and space limitations, the library does not purchase textbooks.  Departmental and faculty-owned titles of textbooks and other titles needed for the class can be placed on reserve.  These “faculty copies” will be marked, stickered, and possibly laminated.  They are sometimes damaged or lost while on reserve.  The library will not purchase replacement copies for these items.

Course Readers

  • Course readers:  Course readers must be bound before they are submitted.  All copyright fees must be paid by the copy or duplication services.  Course readers that are lost or damaged will not be replaced by the library.  Due to copyright restrictions, course readers can be on reserve only for the quarter for which they are packaged.  Material from course readers may not be placed on Electronic Reserve.

Information You Should Know About Reserves

Processing Requests

  • Course Reserves staff processes material on a first-come, first-served basis.  For best results, we ask that you submit Reserve lists one month before the beginning of each quarter.  Lists submitted after the beginning of the quarter may not be processed for several days.  
  • Library-owned materials needed for Reserves are often already checked out and must be recalled before they can be processed.  This can cause significant delays.
  • You can check on the status of your Reserves request by using the Course Reserves Web Tracker.

Reactivating Course Reserves From Previous Quarters

  • Course Reserves materials can be reactivated from up to eight quarters previous to the current one.  There is a section on the Course Reserves web form that allows you to designate materials from a previous quarter that you would like to use again.
  • Course readers cannot be reused; however, library copies and faculty copies can.  You will need to bring in the faculty- or department-owned copies that you want to be reused.
  • We archive Course Reserves lists for eight academic quarters, or two academic years.  If you last taught the course before that, we will not be able to reactivate your list, and you will have to resubmit it.
  • You may not reactivate a Course Reserves list that was created by a different instructor during a previous quarter.

Reserves Limits

  • Please request or submit no more than 30 items for Course Reserves for each class you are teaching.  This includes readers, library-owned titles, faculty-owned titles and material to be placed on Electronic Reserves.

Return of Course Reserves Materials

  • Course Readers are returned to you via campus mail after the end of each quarter.  All other department and faculty owned titles are returned approximately three weeks into the next quarter.  You may pick up any department- or faculty-owned titles earlier if you wish, by coming to the Circulation and Reserves Desk. Library-owned titles must remain on reserve until the third week of the succeeding quarter.