Acceptable Formats for Electronic Reserves (ERes)

You may submit documents in person at the Circulation and Reserves Desk, or via email to rbs [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu.  The full bibliographic citation, legibly handwritten or typed, must be on the first page of any document that is drawn from a copyright-protected source.  Materials submitted without this information will not be processed. 

Acceptable Formats for ERes

Clean Reprints

  • Clean reprints of documents should be in dark, contrasting print on loose leaf sheets (not stapled) of 8 ½ ” x 11” white paper. 
  • Our scanning operation does not support direct scanning from bound material such as books or journals. 
  • The full bibliographic citation must be clear and legible on the first page of all copyright protected documents. 

Handwritten or typed documents:

  • Handwritten or typed documents should have at least ¾” margins, and a title should be included on the first page of all original course-generated materials (e.g. Lecture Notes #4).

Electronic files

  •  Electronic files (MS Word doc, PowerPoint ppt, Adobe pdf, etc.) attached to an email may be submitted to rbs [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu. The course number, instructor’s name, and course title should be included in the email.
  • We will scan or convert all documents to Adobe (.pdf) files, and are capable of reproducing documents in color.
  • When converting MS PowerPoint (.ppt files) to Adobe (.pdf) files, the default number of slides displayed per page is four.

Unacceptable Formats for ERes

We do not possess the capabilities to host or play these file types.  Please contact the Arts Library Reserves about reserves for these materials. 

Audio and Video Files

  • Audio Files: such as .wav, .mp3, .aac
  • Video Files: such as .mpeg, .avi, .mov, .mp4