Electronic Reserves

Your instructor may place certain articles, quizzes, homework solutions, assignments, and other materials on electronic reserves.  This material is accessible only to students enrolled in the course, and to teaching assistants and instructors associated with the course. This material is accessible only by using the password that the instructor gives out.  Because the material is online, you do not need to check anything out at the Services Desk.

Find Electronic Reserves

How to Find Electronic Reserves 

  • First, make sure you have received the password for Electronic Reserves ( ERes) from your instructor. 
  • At the library webpage, click on “Course Reserves,” then “Electronic Reserves.”
  • Click “Search Electronic Reserves.”
  • Choose how you want to search for the item from the dropdown menu that says, “Any Search Field.”
  • Enter the necessary information, and then click “Search.”
  • Click the course number you want.  You must then enter the password for your course and agree to the copyright conditions.  Your instructor will give you the password in class.  
  • The Course Reserves staff does not have the password.