Current Exhibitions

Bill of Rights sealsThe Emergence of the Bill of Rights

UCSB Library (Special Collections, Third Floor)
February 24 - July 31, 2014

The Bill of Rights as we know it today emerged from a political struggle that spans the history of the American Republic. From early debates to recent events surrounding Edward Snowden exposing the secret information-gathering of the National Security Agency, Americans have argued about the character and scope of their most basic civil rights.

The Emergence of the Bill of Rights is curated by UC Santa Barbara professors Patricia Cline Cohen (History) and William B. Warner (English and Comparative Literature).

Dan GuerreroThat's Entertainment: Dan Guerrero and the Making of a Hollywood Original

UCSB Library (Third Floor Gallery)
April 14 - August 29, 2014

This exhibition highlights the life of performer, producer, and director Dan Guerrero, who Hispanic magazine recognized as "one of the 25 most powerful Latinos in Hollywood."  The photographs are drawn from the Library’s California Ethnic & Multicultural Archives and document Guerrero's life as a young singer/dancer in New York's Broadway musicals, his work as a talent agent, and his Chicano activist days in support of Cesar Chavez's farm worker movement.

Image of regrowth after fire.Burn Cycle: Sharing Land with Wildfire

UCSB Library (First Floor)
February 8 - Summer, 2014

Local artist and curator Ethan Turpin presents an intimate view of life with fire, reminding residents in this landscape of an underlying wildness, an elemental phenomena that transforms its environment rapidly after being dormant for years. The exhibition tells the story through a variety of materials, including pieces from the Library’s Department of Special Collections, its Map and Imagery Laboratory, and local collections of artifacts from recent fires.

Image of Fire in Art exhibitionFire in Art / Fire as Art

UCSB Arts Library Lobby (First Floor)
February 11 - May 31, 2014

This exhibition explores the correlation of fire and art through artists’ representation of fire in several mediums. For many artists, fire is a source of inspiration and the focus of creation. Other artists use fire as a tool for constructing art itself—art in the form of elemental sculpture. 

Fire in Art / Fire as Art is a companion exhibition to Burn Cycle: Sharing Land with Wildfire, on view in the main Library lobby through May.

Animation by artist Wireless Art Network

UCSB Library (Second Floor)

The Library is currently the location for a site-specific digital exhibition created by former UCSB students Raymond Douglas and Chris Silva. Installed at the top of the circular stairs on the second floor of Davidson Library is a network device that enables visitors in the vicinity to view art on their computers and mobile devices. Just look for the network ID called "Art Network." Currently the network is exhibiting animated work by UCSB student Angie Shen. Angie is a 4th year book arts major in the College of Creative Studies.